Senior Personnel

Peter B. Meyer, PhD, President and Chief Economist

Dr. Meyer is Professor Emeritus of Urban Policy and Economics at the University of Louisville, where he founded and directed a Center for Environmental Policy and Management and the EPA Region 4 Environmental Finance Center. He served as Director of the Local Economic Development Assistance Center for The Pennsylvania State University, 1978-1987, after helping to found the first undergraduate program in Community Development in 1968..He is an alumnus of Swarthmore College and received his PhD in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

A specialist in community and local economic development and public policy evaluation, Dr. Meyer is currently supporting design of financing schemes for energy efficiency and conservation programs, primarily for public sector clients,. He has also been evaluating transportation investment proposals for their economic impacts, especially their distributive effects across residents with respect to their location and income levels. He has been engaged in brownfield redevelopment research (primarily with respect to risk management, financing and insurance), and related environmental and economic development work since 1993. He has written extensively on contaminated land redevelopment policy and practices in the United States and the European Union, collaborating with colleagues in Britain, Germany, Greece, Italy, and the Netherlands. While his first work on local government energy conservation planning dates to the 1970s, he has shifted his attention to the economics of conversion to lower carbon intensities in national economies. In addition to his research and consultation activities in the US and overseas, Dr. Meyer has also participated in the design and development of informational websites, looking to provide the widest possible access to informational sources and the results of his research efforts.

Dr. Meyer served as an Expert Witness to the U.S. EPA Environmental Finance Advisory Board from 1993 to 2010. Currently, he serves the agency as a member of its Board of Scientific Counselors Sustainable and Healthy Communities Subcommittee. He recently was engaged in providing financial management technical assistance to recipients of Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants and State Energy Program awards from the U.,S. Department of Energy. He previously managed <> as part of an ongoing program to educate policy makers and the public about the economics of energy consumption and climate change.

Kristen R. Yount, PhD, Vice President and Director of Research

Dr. Yount is Professor Emerita of Sociology at Northern Kentucky University, where she served as Coordinator of the University’s Sustainable Future Program. She served for a decade as an Senior Associate of the Center for Environmental Policy and Management at the University of Louisville.

A field methodologist and specialist in risk perception and management, Dr. Yount has applied her expertise to the liabilities involved in brownfield revitalization projects and the risks associated with energy efficiency efforts and economic conversion to a lower carbon society. Her work has been funded by the US Environmental Protection Agency, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. She has authored federal research reports, journal articles, and book chapters and presented regularly at local, national, and international forums. Currently she is engaged in examination of public risk perceptions of climate change, the development of state and multi-state climate change policies in the US, and means of addressing the equity issues embedded in these and in international policies to reduce emission of greenhouse gasses.

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