International Urban Climate Change Research & Policy Work

Dr. Meyer is engaged in a variety of on-going research, technical assistance provision, and related policy work on climate change and cities, with a primary focus on the problem of raising the finance needed for mitigation and adaptation efforts. Among his current ongoing efforts are:

  • As a long-standing member of the Executive Committee of the International Urban Planning and Environment Association, he has been planning the twice-delayed 2020 symposium of the Association, now scheduled for the summer of 2022 in Taru, Estonia, on the theme of Managing Change. The conference will be focused on both the climate crisis and emerging from the Covid-19 economic contraction as critical changes facing planners.
  • With his colleague Reimund Schwarze, he has a forthcoming critical review of Covid-19: The Great Reset, a policy prescription co-authored by Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum.
  • Addressing the strengths and weaknesses of adaptation and mitigation efforts, he has also reviewed Greenovation: Urban Leadership on Climate Change (Oxford Univ. Press, 2020), a survey of efforts conducted by Professor Joan Fitzgerald of Northeastern University that is an outgrowth of her ongoing Climate Just Cities Project.

Other efforts have been completed, including activities and publications such as:

Meyer, PB, and R. Schwarze. Climate-resilient infrastructure finance in renewable energies: Global challenges ahead and the role of citizen (co-)ownership. Presentation in Session S17 on “Linking urban and rural ecosystems in policy, practice and governance” of URP 2020: Sustainable & Resilient Urban-Rural Partnerships. Leipzig, DE, November 2020.

Meyer, P.B. Moderator, Achieving the Global Urban Research and Action Agenda. Session co-sponsored by the Urban Climate Change Research network and the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy. World Urban Forum (WUF10), Abu Dhabi, UAE, February, 2020.

Meyer, P.B., and R. Schwarze. 2019 Financing Climate-Resilient Infrastructure: Determining Risk, Reward, and Return on Investment. Frontiers of Engineering Management. VI(1): 117-127.

Meyer, P.B. Session on Innovative schemes for financing resilient cities. Respondent addressing the efforts by the cities of Leeds, UK, Venice, IT, and Kharkiv, UA, and the new programs of the European Investment Bank, at the European Urban Resilience Forum, Bonn, DE, June, 2019.

Meyer, P.B. and R. Schwarze. Narratives for Integration of Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Recovery. ICLEI Resilient Cities Conference, Bonn, Germany, May 2017.

Schwarze, R., Meyer, P.B., Markandya, A., et al. 2016. Finance Opportunities for Climate Change Solutions in Cities. Resilient Cities 2016 Background Paper. Bonn, Germany: ICLEI -Local Governments for Sustainability.

Meyer, P.B. “Financing Urban Climate Action: Is the Issue Really Creditworthiness?”  8th Researchers Meeting of the International Research Network for Low Carbon Societies, Wuppertal, Germany, September 2016.

Saunders, M.J., and P.B. Meyer. “Climate Change, Economic Decline and Terrorism: External Shocks to Urban Sustainability.” 12th Symposium, International Urban Planning and Environment Association, Lisbon, Portugal, June 2016.

Meyer, P.B., and M.J. Saunders. “Defining Local Planning Objectives During Global Climate Change.” 11th Symposium, International Urban Planning and Environment Association, La Plata, Argentina, September 2014.

Meyer, P.B., and M.J. Saunders. “What Shapes Local Resilience to Unexpected Shocks?”  Building Climate Solutions, the National Council on Science and Environment’s 14th Annual National Conference and Global Forum, Washington, DC, January, 2014


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