Supporting Climate Change Legislative Efforts in the U.S.

The E.P. Systems Group, Inc., launched Climate Change Economics, a comprehensive website of resources and tools dedicated to addressing the carbon intensity of the U.S. economy and related climate change policy in the 50 states and territories on December 11.  We are seeing a growing numbers of visitors and welcoming new site Members.

Climate Change Economics is one part of a project to improve understanding of climate change issues by U.S. legislators in the expectation that understanding will lead to action. We hope to make the site the primary objective research tool for state and federal legislators, as well as regulators and policy analysts, on the economic opportunities presented by the fight against climate change. We’ve been funded specifically to improve the quality of economic analysis by the decision-makers in state legislatures and to expand their understanding of the economic threats posed by climate change as well as the economic opportunities available in investing in mitigation efforts.

The site offers some very basic economic tools and explanations of economic analysis as well as a Legislators’ Tools area. We are particularly striving to make the best research and policy models accessible to citizen legislators across the United States, offering them tools to help dissect the assumptions that can distort research findings.

We shortly will be launching a secure forum for exchanging ideas about legislation, discussing proposed language or standards, and similar discussions. The forum is structured so that all particicipants will be able to remain completely anonymous to others and even exchange private e-mails with other participants one-on-one without divulging identities. with their peers. The anonymity is intended to permit discussion of politically sensitive initiatives, to allow consultation on legislative strategies, and also to enable invididuals who want guidance in economic analysis to request support without feeling as if they are divulging their ignorance to others.

Apart from legislators, we also hope our colleagues throughout the environmental community will find the site’s public Web Resources and Library valuable for their own efforts.

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