Steering Urban Transformations

That was the theme of the tri-lingual (English/Spanish/Portuguese) symposium of the International Urban Planning and Environment Association (IUPEA), held in La Plata, Argentina, in September, 2014.  EPSG Associate Melissa Saunders addressed the issues in Defining Local Planning Objectives During Global Climate Change in a presentation prepared for the symposium.   Her presentation considered the contexts of planning decision-making and how stress due to current events and disasters can distort what would otherwise seem to be rational processes. Dr. Peter Meyer, EPSG President, a member of the IUPEA Board and of the symposium’s organizing committee, delivered her argument in her absence due to illness.

Dr. Meyer is working with the organizing committee for the 12th IUPEA Symposium, scheduled for 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal, as Board liaison. That practitioner-scholar collaboration will be developed on the theme of  “CITIES FOR US: engaging communities and citizens for sustainable development.”

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