Brownfields Community Benefits Project

The E.P. Systems Group, Inc., is are pleased to report that, under the leadership of the  Center for Environmental Policy and Management at the University of Louisville, we continue our work under a $1,000,000 award under the EPA’s Brownfields Training, Research, and Technical Assistance grant program. Together with partners from Symbiont and Lazarus LLC, we are now, in project year two, developing the impact model that is the core of the Brownfields Community Benefits Assessment Tool Kit (BCBAT).  This project is unique in that it will re-examine and augment traditional economic benefit models for redevelopment and in-fill to include a broader set of indicators that have until recently been difficult to systematically measure. It will also explore the efficacy and value of including hyper-local community collected data in these models now that technological advances open the door to systematic and consistent collection of that level of information. The tool kit will be based on an easy to use portable app linked with a web-based desktop portal. The system will use accessible national, state, regional and local data and hyper-local data as the foundation for benefit calculation formulas we develop.

The goal of this project is to enhance community decision makers’ capacity to measure and track the benefits of redeveloping brownfields and thus expand the number of abandoned, vacant, and under-utilized properties that get cleaned up and considered community assets. Our pilot community is a neighborhood in Louisville/Jefferson County Metro, Kentucky, a community that has made huge strides in successful brownfields redevelopment, implemented policies on open data, and developed innovative tracking of vacant, abandoned and contaminated properties.

EPSG President Dr. Meyer is responsible for model development. aspects of the user interface to be developed, and will co-author the users’ manual to be developed.

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