Assessing NEPA Compliance in Addressing Project Alternatives

EPSG, acting on behalf of the Coalition for the Advancement of Regional Transportation in Louisville, KY, completed review of the final Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision submitted by the Federal Highway Administration and the Kentucky and Indiana state transportation offices in support of a plan to build two new Interstate-grade bridges across the Ohio River. Filing an affidavit filed in support of CART’s legal claims against the incomplete EIS in January, 2013, Dr. Meyer found that (1) transit and street-level bridge alternatives were arbitrarily rejected, (2) no alternatives involving a combination of new roads and transit were even considered, (3) the transportation needs of 65,000 households in the area without cars were ignored, and (4) plans for placing tolls on the bridges would generate revenues of more than six times those needed for the project. The combination of flaws he identified justify a claim that the bridge proponents failed to consider and ameliorate unreasonable burdens placed on low income drivers needing to cross the river for work and on households without cars, both populations predominantly minority and protected under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act..

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