EPA’s Contaminated Land Economic Analysis Handbook

In Fall, 2011, the EPA issued a new Handbook providing recommendations for economic analysis of land cleanup and reuse activities and programs. These activities pose significant measurement problems associated with such unique qualities as the diversity of contaminants and affected media across sites, market pricing problems such as stigma, and the impacts of significant events that transpire over the course of a sometimes lengthy time frame.

EPA’s National Center for Environmental Economics and its Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response collaborated to produce the new Handbook was both economically rigorous and applicable in the real-world. The peer-reviewed Handbook reviews analytical problems, provides policy planners and evaluators with recommendations for estimating the benefits, costs, and economic impacts of land cleanup and reuse, and then highlights the many unaswered questions remain in the literature.

On June 22, 2012, Peter Meyer, President of the The E.P. Systems Group, Inc., is joining with two of the economists from EPA’s National Center for Environmental Economics, Robin Jenkins and Heather Klemick, to present a webinar for practitioners ojn using the Handbook

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